Sing Yourself To Better Health

‘Sing Yourself To Better Health’
Free singing and wellbeing sessions

What is involved:
Our FREE singing sessions take place weekly and last for two hours, with time included for refreshments and socialising. They are led by a professional musician and singing tutor who is also a wellbeing tutor, and they are very much about FUN. You will do some warm-up exercises (all whilst sat down) for the voice and general wellbeing before enjoying learning and singing popular songs from across the decades – from Elvis to Ed Sheeran, sea shanties to the swinging Sixties. These groups are NOT choirs, and you do not have to be a talented singer or have any experience of singing beyond your own living room to get involved and enjoy taking part. You also don’t have to be able to come every week – you can drop-in and out as your life allows.

What’s good about them:
Singing is scientifically proven to help you both mentally and physically, and our tutor creates a welcoming and friendly environment that will help to improve your singing skills as well as your breathing and physical stamina. Most importantly, the groups are very welcoming and you will make new friends, and possibly eat too many biscuits, whilst improving your general wellbeing by escaping the stresses and strains of modern life for a couple of hours.
What sort of people go:
The sessions are attended by people of all ages and backgrounds from the local area. Some people have sung with others before, and some have not. You will never be singled-out and asked to sing alone. You can sing as loudly or quietly as you want, mime or just sit and listen.
How much does it cost:
The sessions are completely FREE of charge and include free refreshments as well.

Where and when are they:
The Place at Fallowfield Old Library, Tuesdays 10.30am-12.30pm
St Andrew’s Church, Wythenshawe, Tuesdays 1.30pm-3.30pm
(Sessions do not usually take place during the school holidays.)

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