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About Us

The Place at Platt Lane is a community library and resource centre that is registered charity with a trustee board made up of local people.

The charity was formed in 2014 when the local council wanted to close the public library. Public feeling against this move was very strong and so the local community decided to work together to form a charity and they successfully saved the library and for the past ten years it has been run successfully by the trustee board.

 The Place is not just a public lending library, but also a vibrant hub in the heart of the community, enhancing the skills through training, assisting with employability, education, culture, and wellbeing as well as helping with the cost-of-living crisis thorough projects like our Fallowfield Pantry and toiletry bank. Making a difference to the residents of Fallowfield and beyond.


Registered Charity

Fallowfield Library and Community Resource Centre

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